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How I Carved Out My Niche in the World of Chronic Illness Advocacy

Navigating the world of chronic illness is kind of like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, blindfolded, and with one hand tied behind your back. It’s confusing, often frustrating, but oh-so rewarding when you finally get the colors to line up. My journey through the labyrinth of symptoms, treatments, and internet opinions has been a bumpy one, but somewhere along the way, I managed to find my niche in chronic illness advocacy.

A decade in the dark

Before the age of hashtags and health influencers, I spent a solid decade advocating for myself in what felt like total isolation. Despite having the unwavering support from my husband and kids (bless their hearts), I often felt like a lone wolf in a vast, uncharted wilderness. Then came the magical discovery of online support groups—my gateway to realizing that I wasn't as alone as I thought.

The discovery of the “cliques”

Chronic illness advocacy isn’t just a community; it’s a series of overlapping circles, each buzzing with its own passionate debates about everything from treatment methods to healthcare politics. Whether it’s the all-natural herb enthusiasts, the staunch supporters of pharmaceutical solutions, or those who dabble a bit in both, finding where you fit can feel a bit like high school all over again.

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When I first dipped my toes into the waters of online advocacy, I was all in with natural treatments. It was a glorious, if somewhat naive, phase that followed an exhausting decade of pharmaceutical letdowns. But as life loves to remind us, health is anything but static. My conditions took a twist, and soon, I was juggling my herbal teas with prescription meds.

Embracing the complexity

Let’s be real—I never had the luxury of dealing with one condition at a time. By some bizarre twist of fate, I managed to collect diagnoses like they were going out of style, all within a few years. Psoriasis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, and endometriosis decided to throw a joint party, and guess who was invited? That’s right, yours truly.

Focusing on just one condition felt like choosing a favorite child—impossible and slightly unethical. So, I went broad. I figured, why not address what these conditions have in common? Pain—-chronic pain, relentless pain, was the common thread, and it became the focus of my advocacy.

Building a community

I started a blog, which became a hub for reviews on products that make life a bit more bearable and discussions on everything from mobility aids to the importance of self-care. My Facebook group followed and became a sanctuary for sharing resources, encouraging words, and lifting each other up on the bad days.

Beyond my blog and Facebook group, I seize freelance writing and other opportunities to share condition-specific information. This strategy allows me to distribute valuable content without diluting the focus of my own platforms. Freelancing also broadens my reach, helping me gain more exposure as an advocate and ensuring that the information reaches those who need it most.

And let’s not forget the podcast-—my latest venture, where we get real about the emotional rollercoaster that comes with living with chronic conditions. It’s one thing to talk about the physical aspects, but addressing the mental and emotional toll? That’s where I found my true calling.

Listening to your body

If you’re sitting there, multiple diagnoses in hand, wondering where to even start with advocacy, here’s my sage advice: listen to your body. It knows things. Is there one condition that screams louder than the others? Which aspect of your daily battle pulls at your heartstrings the most? Start there.

Chronic illness advocacy is a fluid, ever-evolving field. I began by fighting for my life post-hysterectomy and used the lessons learned to fuel my advocacy online. While chronic pain is my main spiel, I give each of my conditions their time in the spotlight, especially during their respective awareness months.

So, where do you fit?

Think of chronic illness advocacy not as finding a needle in a haystack but rather as choosing the right spice for your stew. It needs to fit your taste, complement your strengths, and maybe have just enough kick to keep things interesting.

If you’re ready to dive into the whirlpool of advocacy, take a leaf out of my book: start small, think big, and always, always listen to what your body and heart are telling you. Who knows? Maybe your niche is waiting just around the corner, ready to change not just your life but many others, too.

Remember, every voice matters—especially yours. Let's get loud together!

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