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How I Got a Governor's Proclamation for Disease Awareness

One of the things I wish that was available when I started my advocacy is that there would exist a handbook that gives you insight into what you can do. I was so ambitious to do anything and everything I could. My first thought was put on a walk to bring awareness in my community. Real ambitious, right? I had no clue what I was getting myself into. There was some experience on my part in that I had went to the Dallas psoriasis walk twice. I thought I am going to pattern my walk the same way they had done it. How could it be so hard if I done it that way? Nothing like learning on the fly.

My first psoriasis awareness walk

I can be a very determined person when I want to be-almost border lining on being stubborn. Then again, I think every advocate has that built in characteristic. Believe it or not, I managed to pull the walk together. I even had the walk talked about on the radio as an event in the local area. To my amazement one local news station even agreed to interview me ahead of the walk. The day came, about 20 people showed up and unfortunately about an hour into it so did the rain. All my hard work wiped out, but I counted it a success, nonetheless. I was not going to let rain stop me from making a difference. The next year I decided I would do it again.

My second psoriasis awareness walk

This walk was different from the first one because I had learned so much the first time. Getting things started was so much easier. I went with the same location as the first walk. Getting that approval was a cinch which is half the battle when putting on a walk. One of the things I learned was that I could get a proclamation from my Governor. No one had mentioned that the first time around. I had to get one. It would put such a recognition on psoriasis in general and my walk as well.

It turns out the process of getting one is pretty simple. My Governor at the time was Bobby Jindal. I went to his official website. Turns out there was a simple form that you could submit asking for a proclamation. To my surprise I heard back from the Governor’s office quickly. I would be getting a proclamation officially mailed to my home. The day it arrived I was so excited. Sadly, I did not get to display it at the walk. As Louisiana is known for in the Spring, the day of the walk here came the rain again. It was a complete wash out as it was raining before the walk even started. You think I would have learned the first time and had a back up plan for an inside walk.

You can obtain a proclamation

Maybe you are thinking of putting on a walk or something else to bring awareness to the medical condition you live with. You can get a proclamation as well. Start with looking on your Governor’s website. If you don’t see a form to apply for one call your Governor’s office. Make sure to ask for one well in advance of your event. You want to give it time so that no one involved is rushed trying to get it to you. Display it proudly and even have someone read it the day of the event. If you have interviews before your event, make sure to mention it as well. That’s all you do besides smiling because you achieved it.

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