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What’s The Secret to Landing a Social Media Campaign?

Through the Social Health Network, you’ll be able to learn a lot about branding yourself as a professional Health Leader. We want you to have endless opportunities to play your part. We’re not going to limit you, and we hope you won’t feel the need to limit yourself.

Think big

As a Health Leader, you should be thinking broadly about the buckets you fit into.

Nearly all of our platform challenges have questions for you to answer about how best to describe yourself. When it comes to representing yourself as a Health Leader, you may think you fall into just one bucket – your condition-specific one. But in the industry, you might find that you fill several buckets.

You're more than a condition

Yes, you might be a person with a rare cancer, but that means you’re a person with a rare disease as well as a person with cancer. You might also be a person who fits into a certain age demographic we look for, like people ages 18 to 35 or over age 55. We might be looking for people who are able to represent the female perspective, the male perspective, or the non-binary or trans perspective. We may be looking for a BIPOC perspective or a Health Leader who speaks different languages.

Consider your expertise

Your experience is also relevant to potential opportunities. Maybe you’re what we call a "fresh face," meaning you're a caregiver or someone living with a health condition who hasn’t worked with another pharmaceutical company before. Or you may be what we refer to as a "veteran" Health Leader, meaning someone who has worked on multiple campaigns, done speaking engagements, or participated in other opportunities over the years.

Don't worry about audience size

We may be looking for someone with a small social following or a massive one. We may be looking for someone who lives in a small town or a big city with different types of access to different types of medical care. The point being, it’s good to think outside of your condition when it comes to being a Health Header. You may fill more buckets than you could imagine having opportunities for! When it comes to opportunities within the Social Health Network, we will continue to have diverse criteria.

Challenge yourself

As you figure out your buckets, you can visit the platform and continue learning new skills we offer, like public speaking resources and how to advocate on different social platforms. We’re here to support your growth and help you find opportunities that showcase just how valuable and unique you are in the Health Leader ecosphere.

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