Kristine Hoestermann

Patient Leader Kristine HoestermannKristine Hoestermann is a rare disease patient living with OCD and the founder of RARE., an apparel and accessory brand designed to spark conversations around the invisible struggles people face. Her commitment to advocacy and creativity has earned her the Creative Collaborator Award at the 2023 Social Health Awards. Kristine is also a dedicated therapist with an MSW and LICSW, serving as the Head of Mental Wellness at Cabana, a mental health app focused on accessibility. In the podcasting world, Kristine is the host of two impactful shows. "Because You Are Strong" showcases the stories of rare disease patients, amplifying their voices and experiences. She also hosts "You're Always Fine," a mental health-focused show that destigmatizes not feeling okay, offering support and understanding. Kristine is an advocate in the rare disease, mental health, and invisible illness space, striving to create awareness and community in hopes that no one who is experiencing these struggles feels alone.

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