Racquel Dozier

Lupus Community Advocate Racquel DozierRacquel H. Dozier was diagnosed officially with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in 2004, but the onset of the disease started in 2002 when she was given a firm diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. At the prime of her life, Racquel and her family had recently relocated to a new state with a young child, just enjoying life to the fullest. But something just wasn't right.

After several hospitalizations with what was thought to be rheumatoid arthritis and medication issues, lupus began to rear its ugly head in her body. A year and a half after her arthritis diagnosis Racquel began having issues walking, eating and functioning and became very ill and was hospitalized again. This hospitalization was a difficult one with a brush with death. While hospitalized the doctors worked earnestly to find out what was going on in Racquel’s body. An endoscopy was performed and it was determined Systemic Lupus Erythematosus was the cause of her then current issues as it began to affect her internal organs. This was a difficult time for Racquel being officially diagnosed with a life altering chronic illness, but it was a time that pushed her into action to learn and do more.

Once diagnosed, Racquel realized that there was little to no support or access to information about lupus, so she quickly educated herself as to what sort of life changes, she would need to make as well as how to treat her new founded disease. She realized that her story could touch another person who may be afraid after a lupus diagnosis. Racquel understood she could educate others about lupus and formed Lupus In Color.

Racquel created Lupus In Color to cater to the needs of men, women & children of all colors of the rainbow directly affected with Lupus or indirectly effected by lupus. She never wanted anyone to feel lost as they battled lupus.

Based out of Henrico, Virginia, Lupus In Color is assisting lupus warriors throughout the Richmond, Virginia area in person and digitally around the world. The main goal of Lupus In Color is to give positive hope to lupus warriors through education, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment while providing positive support, interactions and most needed lupus awareness.

Racquel is the founder and CEO of Power Productions Design & Development a professional technical and marketing company. Professionally, Racquel has worked in the Social Work field working with the homeless population, foster children and drug addicted individuals. Before being rendered disabled, Racquel worked as a computer teacher teaching student in pre-k through eighth grade in the private school arena.

Racquel is an author, certified meditation facilitator and life coach. She resides in Henrico, Virginia with her husband and son. She loves writing, dancing, helping others and spending time with her family and close friends.

Find out more about her lupus awareness work on her website at http://www.lupusincolor.com and on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and YouTube at Lupus In Color.

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