Digital Creator

There are many ways to join the Social Health Network (SHN) and get involved in health leadership and advocacy. A Health Leader is anyone who is a registered member of the Social Health Network. Health Leaders may be patients or caregivers – whom we refer to as Patient Leaders – or healthcare professionals (HCPs) who are professional experts or researchers.

As a Health Leader, you can go down several different paths to offer support to your patient community. They include:

  • Community awareness and education
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Digital creator
  • Healthcare collaborator

The best thing about patient leadership is that you can apply your unique skills and passion to make change happen. In this article, we’ll explore what makes digital creators unique and how you can get involved.

What is a digital creator?

A digital creator can go by many names – influencer, creator, TikToker, the list goes on. But it all comes down to 1 common denominator: By sharing your experiences and your health journey, you can positively influence someone else’s life.

When it comes to the Social Health Network, SHN digital creators create digital content to help raise awareness about certain health issues and work hard to bring the patient community together.

As a digital creator, you’re not afraid to advocate in real time. You bring the breaking news, the latest updates, and details on the accounts to follow to the people who follow you. Whether you’re sharing through your Instagram stories or your latest blog post, people turn to you for explanations about the latest in the health and advocacy landscape.

What impact can digital creators make?

Health Leaders who are digital creators can use their platforms to educate, support, and empower patients and caregivers. Their work helps bridge information gaps, create a sense of community, and drive positive changes in healthcare.

By sharing their own experiences and insights, they play a critical role in improving the overall patient experience and the quality of care received by patients and their families.

How to get involved as a digital creator

Here are some ways that a digital creator can make a difference with the Social Health Network and beyond:

  • Sharing a heartfelt Instagram post about your memories from the day you were diagnosed, what you were feeling, and how much you’ve learned since then.
  • Whenever a newly diagnosed patient connects with you, you can send them the link to an article or video you created, so that they know you’ve been where they are and things can improve.
  • Participating in Twitter chats on community topics and sharing a summary of what you learned from the chat across different social platforms.
  • Invite other influencers in the space to do a live conversation where you share news, advice, and suggestions of other advocates in the space to follow online.

Meet Cheryl

From podcasting to sharing all over social media, Cheryl Crow is a Health Leader who focuses a lot of energy on sharing content on social media. Check out this video to hear her story and tips:

An ever-changing landscape

The social media landscape is constantly changing. Each new year offers more opportunities and creative ways to make and spread content. At the end of the day, the job of a digital creator is to create content that is meaningful and resonates with your community.