Using Airport Assistance When Traveling

When I was first diagnosed with psoriasis, I could never imagine the journey my condition would open for me. I thought it was a curse and nothing good could come from it. For the first ten years it was a nightmare. I was 80% covered in plaque psoriasis, and at the time, it was the worst it would get. I truly thought my life was over. It’s amazing the doors that have been opened after those first ten years.

When I decided that I was going to find support or find a way to help others suddenly psoriasis was not a curse. Now, my saying is that psoriasis gave my life purpose. I started advocating, which led to me finding myself, and healing within. The doors that have been opened and the traveling I have done is something I never expected. I love to travel but it has gotten harder.

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Being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis

I learn new things about psoriasis all the time. Imagine my surprise when I finally got the diagnosis of having psoriatic arthritis. My lower back has been a source of pain for a long time. At first, I thought the pain was because of the job I had. I was a private housekeeper cleaning a 3-story mansion.

After a couple of years, I was also given the task of cleaning an office and a medical practice that my boss had. You can imagine with all the bending, climbing stairs and overworking myself it was no wonder my back was hurting. At least that is what I kept telling myself. In all my learning about psoriasis, I had not heard the term psoriatic arthritis. I would soon learn though. Not only does it affect my back, it has moved into my hips and knees.

Traveling woes

The more that psoriatic arthritis has taken control of my body it has made traveling more difficult. My knees make it hard to walk long distances at a time. Some of the airports are so huge that getting from one gate to another to catch the next flight has become a nightmare for me. Things changed for me after talking to a friend who has psoriatic arthritis as well. She told me about using Airport Assistance to get around the airports. She had been using the assistance for quite some time. I was amazed and excited to try it out.

Airport assistance

Do you know that you do not have to give them a reason as to why you need the assistance? It is not a requirement, although most times I do reveal why I need it. You can get assistance the minute you check into the airport. Anything from being taken by cart to your gate to wheelchair assistance if you must use a wheelchair. They will help you get on the flight and will help you get off the plane if that is needed. Whatever your limitations are, airport assistance can help you travel to most anywhere. I use them now, any time I fly. It has been so helpful getting to where I need to be.

What if you encounter a problem?

Sometimes you might encounter a problem when using airport assistance. It’s rare that this will happen, but sometimes things happen. Each flight company has a special team that you can report any problems you encounter. For example, American Airlines has a Disability Team that you can contact should this occur. They really do their best to accommodate anyone with a disability. Next time you travel, I strongly suggest you look into each company’s service so that you do not have to push yourself when traveling. It will make your travel easier.

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