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What Health Leaders Are Saying: Benefits of the Patient Leader Certification

Health Union's Patient Leader Certification is the first of its kind. This program helps sharpen and improve health advocacy skills. Divided into 12 lessons, this program goes at your own pace. The lessons fall into 3 learning modules:

  • Powerful storytelling
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Responsible patient leadership

The program design allows participants to apply the skills learned to their unique journeys and interests. Many have already completed this certification. The Social Health Network recently asked, “What motivated you to enroll in the program?” Respondents submitted testimonies that share how the Patient Leader Certification helped them improve their advocacy, advance their leadership skills, learn new skills, and give their advocacy work credibility.

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Improvement in advocacy

The program's goal is to improve advocacy. Many respondents joined for that reason.

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"I want to shift my focus to more advocacy work, and this will help me." – Susan Gonsalves

"I want to be able to share with others my experience." – Jessica Arteaga

"I am a huge advocate and want to become better at telling my story." – Tara O’Connor

"I want to be heard when it comes to cancer." – Shane Lee

"I want to become a better/more involved advocate." – Alisa Brenes

Advancements in leadership

Becoming a better leader in health advocacy was another motivating factor to join this program.

"I have the desire to grow as a content creator." – Scott Ninneman

"I want to become a better patient advocate for myself and, most importantly, others." – Myisha Malone-King

"I decided to enroll in this program because I want to equip myself with various materials I needed in my leadership journey." – Kenneth Williams

"I want to improve as a leader, and I have a fondness for the Social Health Network." – Jed Finley

"I’m looking to widen my outreach and pursue a new passion project." – Kristie Salem Kent

New skills

There was also a desire to learn new skills to improve advocacy, particularly around social media and digital campaigns.

"I wanted to learn more about effective health leadership in the digital age." – Therry Neilsen-Steinhardt

"I have an interest in expanding my influence level from a motivational/public health care advocate perspective." – Lynn Marie Witt

"I am always looking for ways to better myself and become a better advocate." – Amber Blackburn

"I feel this is a great opportunity to fine-tune my patient leader abilities." – Jody Quinn

"I look forward to strengthening my role as an advocate and learning the skills to better myself for others." – Mary Patricia Pettigrew

"I am interested in learning more strategy." – Natalie

"I desire to learn more about managing social media campaigns." – Jim-Bob Williams

"I am already a patent advocate but was interested in perfecting how to reach others more effectively." – Tonya Henry


Going through this program and receiving a certificate also lends additional credibility to being an advocate. This was a positive incentive for respondents completing the program.

"I want credibility as a patient advocate and some guidance on how to be the best advocate I can be." – Christi Winstead

"I want to further my advocacy career/knowledge." – Nikki Hades

"I volunteer as an ambassador and patient advocate with a handful of national organizations." – Lynn Julian

"I love advocacy, and being certified helps me feel more connected in my advocacy." – Jennifer Oramas

"I want to add to my resume and learn more." – Kim Hill

"I enjoy being certified." – Marie Buckner

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