Social Health Awards Categories

The Social Health Awards is the only awards program that truly recognizes Health Leaders for their hard work and dedication to drive meaningful connections and conversations through social health.

The Social Health Awards categories are based on the foundational values of the patient community, such as empathy, leadership, and creativity. Learn more about each category below.

Advocacy Trailblazer

There is no "right way" to advocate – and that's the best part of health leadership. This category seeks to recognize the countless ways leaders bring innovation. Although endless possibilities exist, we've seen leaders blaze a trail with new products, books, content, events, communities, and collaborations. Pushing the limits and paving a new path for others through education, raising awareness, or supporting their community, these people approach their advocacy by thinking out of the box.

Best Team

The Best Team category recognizes a team or group that takes their activism to new heights because of the assistance from one another. Whether it be a group that runs an online chat, a nonprofit organization, or a caregiver and patient duo – this award celebrates those bringing a team effort to their advocacy!

Caregiving Champion

Not all Patient Leaders are sharing their own patient journey. The Caregiving Champion category is for the caregivers who tirelessly raise awareness to better the lives of loved ones. Though they themselves may not be sick, they are the caregivers of children, siblings, parents, significant others, or friends, that have an up-close-and-personal perspective that is invaluable.

Community Cultivator

A diagnosis can be life-changing, but fortunately so can the support from an online community. The Community Cultivator category celebrates the online communities or forums that create an inviting space for newcomers while maintaining a safe place that people have come to respect and rely on. Whether through online support groups, live events, or forum discussions, these leaders have mastered managing, moderating, and engaging their communities all for the purpose of supporting others.

Creative Contributor

There are so many avenues when it comes to patient advocacy. The Creative Contributor category recognizes the people taking a creative approach to raising awareness. Think about Patient Leaders transforming their advocacy into clothing, cards, jewelry shops, comic creation, and more! This category celebrates those bringing advocacy to the marketplace.

Healthcare Collaborator

The Healthcare Collaborator category is for the advocates bridging the gaps between industry stakeholders and healthcare consumers. Whether speaking at conferences, consulting with healthcare companies, or using their experience to help make change in the healthcare industry, these Patient Leaders are impacting the healthcare landscape at large.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Some Patient Leaders are true stars who continue to shine and don't fit into just one category. The Lifetime Achievement Award is for the veteran Patient Leaders who, after years of advocacy achievements, stand as role models for the entire online health community. Let's recognize the advocacy leaders that inspire all of us year after year!

Revolutionary Researcher

The Revolutionary Researcher category aims to celebrate the patients and caregivers who refuse to let medical jargon and data slow them down! The winner of this category stays up-to-date on the latest research, treatments, and clinical trials. This Patient Leader has a knack for transforming complex information into layman terms for the greater community to act on.

Rookie of the Year

As anyone in advocacy knows, communities aren't built overnight! Sharing your story and impacting a community takes time and patience, so let's encourage those who are recently empowered as Patient Leaders. The Rookie of the Year category celebrates the advocates who may be new to the scene but continue to show the utmost potential. This category is typically for Patient Leaders with 1 to 3 years' experience.

Social Media Master

Whether posting to Instagram, hosting Facebook Lives, uploading YouTube videos, or stitching the latest TikTok trend, the Social Media Master category recognizes the patients and caregivers leveraging social platforms for advocacy. This person shares their story and fosters community through one or many social channels. With so many in-app social features, we seek to celebrate all the creative ways Health Leaders use social media to impact their condition areas!