Barking Mad, My Recovery Story

Im an 86 year old woman who had to retire as a speech language pathologist ten years ago due to encroaching dementia symptoms. Four years later I was in a wheelchair in a nursing home Then within two years I was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia bed ridden, aphasic, hallucinating, tremoring, USA fluctuating cognition REM sleep disorder, dysphagic dying on hospice yet recovered slowly and after a year came home to my stripped condo because my son thought I was dying and prepared to sell it. I was heartbroken. They had given away my beloved pets too.

Now I not only survived I'm living a grateful fulfilled life advocating and writing my memoir with a ten page Tips for Caregivers with my lived experience with dementia. I'd be honored if you can use my story of hope and redemption.

Ginger Smith

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