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Choosing The Best Means for Advocacy on Social Platforms

The hat for advocacy involves various components. Your advocacy can consist of many of possibilities:

  • Basic 1:1 with your health care team in being heavily vocal about your care.
  • Using platforms to extend in sharing experience when presenting your advocacy.

I’m going to delve in further with the latter as there have been many eyes and ears on possible changes with certain social media platforms. The steps to consider when choosing which one is best for you and your message may take a little brainstorming. I’ve played around with a few social media platforms and some are better than others in achieving the best engagement; what I find is the range of creativity is massive depending on a strategy.

The word strategy scares some people because they think it involves extra work...well it does involve a bit of sitting down and listing your likes and dislikes, or how you want to start your advocacy journaling on a social network.

Creative possibilities

When figuring out the best way to begin, usually it’s just start and then circle back to that word strategy. Based on the immense storytelling of so many brave advocates, there’s room for everyone. You may have to sit in it for a minute when thinking about what may work best for you.

The creative possibilities can be anything from video dialogue and picking certain topics as they relate to your advocacy to cover. You may even consider only using engaging written word posts followed by worthy captions. Whether your creative reach is with pictures or words, a strategy will help you decide which platform will serve you and your community better.

I’ll go a step further - strategy will also help you decide which are the best routes to take when moving your audience from one platform to another.


As many have heard there are very subtle changes in the social media realm. The changes can affect many who use these apps to create and express their advocacy journey. For those that use TikTok...well, there may be eventual restrictions and, in some cases, bans for everyday people who use this app for business, personal, and even advocacy.

Everyone has their reason why they use specific apps but usually, the one that gives higher engagement is the one that digital creators gravitate towards. Another favorite app for others is Instagram...well, they’ve recently put limitations on what political content we see or don’t see on our feeds.

Now why does any of this need to concern any of those in the patient advocacy community? Well, the future is now looking a tad murky on what and if the content that we’ve decided to share will be compromised or limited in any way. Pay attention to the climate as you may need to have a backup plan in moving your community to other means of following your digital content.


Now to decide what changes if any are to be considered. It may not be that intense for some but some of our amazing advocates many who have many followers. What would happen if your means of communicating with your public becomes stripped? Many patients look for vocal advocates as true inspirations as they go through the course of their conditions. Our voices are so needed and if we can we want to keep the wheel turning in providing helpful content while encouraging those in our communities. So, the deciding factors to consider when choosing the best advocacy on social platforms means - the should I or shouldn’t I questions are:

  • Do I need to set up an affordable website or landing page?
  • Do I need to set up an email list?
  • Do I need to change the way I communicate with my followers while using other platform options?
  • Do I need to align myself with right-minded affiliates that will help me with pushing my form of advocacy?

It may seem daunting but remember many ears need your voice. Keep at it!

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it.

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