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Out of Necessity: Creating Lupus in Color to Help Others

Living with lupus feels like navigating a complicated maze full of unexpected twists and turns. Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease, can impact various organs and systems in the body, causing challenging and debilitating symptoms. When I was diagnosed 19 years ago, I felt lost and vowed to ensure others never experienced the same confusion. That commitment led me to create Lupus In Color.

What is Lupus in Color?

Lupus In Color serves as an international support, education, and advocacy group. Its primary goal is to raise awareness about lupus. Ultimately the goal is to provide positive support for a disease often overlooked by the public. Lupus In Color is on a mission to educate, inspire, encourage, and empower those battling lupus.

How Lupus in Color began

I often say, "Out of necessity comes creativity!" My need for support pushed me to start Lupus In Color. Through all the challenges of lupus, I recognized the need for a support system. I then set out to create a community for those living with the disease. Thus, Lupus In Color emerged as more than just an organization. It became a beacon of hope, shining a light on the unique challenges faced by lupus warriors worldwide.

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Understanding lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks healthy tissues, organs, and anything it perceives as a threat. It's like an all-out war within the body. Unfortunately, lupus is often surrounded by mystery and misconceptions. The unpredictable symptoms and the absence of a definitive cure leave those affected feeling isolated and misunderstood. Despite the challenges, there's a growing movement to increase awareness and understanding. This is driven by a desire to transform lupus experiences into forces for education, awareness, and support.

Expertise from necessity

Consequently, living with lupus makes individuals experts in their own bodies. I've navigated a maze of symptoms, treatments, and emotional complexities associated with lupus. I have learned to interpret my body's cues and advocate for myself. Doing this in various settings has become crucial. Creating Lupus In Color provided me with a voice and strength to help others to be their own best advocate.

How Lupus in Color makes a difference

For this purpose, Lupus In Color takes a creative approach to visualize and share the diverse experiences of those living with lupus. Through discussions, social media, and writing it is making a difference. In fact, it helps express invisible symptoms like the overwhelming fatigue, piercing joint pain, and mind-clouding brain fog. By adding color to these experiences, individuals with lupus break down the stigma associated with the disease. Most importantly, it has assisted in inviting others to understand their struggles.

As Lupus In Color has grown, the focus remains on encouraging and empowering those affected. Group discussions aim not for pity or negativity. Together, we undoubtedly seek empathy and understanding. Moreover, in a collective effort, we work to discover better coping mechanisms, treatments, and ultimately a cure.

The impact of Lupus in Color

In conclusion, Lupus In Color is more than just a group. It's a way of life. Without a doubt, it is a testament to the resilience and determination of those living with the disease. Critically serving as a powerful reminder that, even in the face of chronic illness, there's profound beauty and strength to be found. The creation of Lupus In Color, born out of necessity in the most creative way. It brings happiness not only to me but also to others facing similar challenges.

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