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Have you been part of a support group?

Have you ever started a support group? If you have not started one yourself but are part of one, what have you enjoyed most about it?

Is yours virtual or in person?

What tips do you have for those who may need help finding one?

What advice or tips do you have for others who are interested in starting one?

Anything else that you'd like to share about starting one or the group you are part of?

  1. I run an online and in person support group for lupus.

    My advice would be to attend different ones online and in person to find your tribe .

    The only top I have to keep at it! It takes time to build up and even when you build up it will dwindle down. Although people need the help doesn’t necessary mean they will attend to obtain it.

    ~Racquel~ social health network team member

    1. Butterfly Chats Media has a great support group that's vitural and meets via zoom. Very personable and a safe place.

      1. awesome who is the focus? ~Racquel~ social health network team

    2. I’m currently a leader of two diabetes support groups 🙂

      1. it’s been decent! One of the groups I lead are typically small (anywhere from 5-10 people). The other one varies because it’s more of a social media type group so there’s almost 760 members 🙂

      2. awesome! I have type 2 and my son. Type 1 it’s hard to to keep I retest sometimes. ~Racquel ~

    3. To follow up AnCan loves to collaborate. We'll help anyone who wants to set up a group for their situation. You just have to provide peer moderators and outreach to your community. All free - no costs to you. That's what we do. Reach us at

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