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What to Expect From Connexion 2024

The Social Health Network is super excited to announce our 8th Connexion! Connexion is a unique conference that focuses on advancing advocacy efforts and bringing together hundreds of Health Leaders (HLs) from our 45+ online condition communities and across the globe.

Past conferences have included sessions on social media advocacy, healthcare advocacy, mindfulness, and mental health, as well as keynotes from respected industry leaders and plenty of networking opportunities.

Connexion 2024: Where and when?

Connexion 2024 will take place on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, from 11 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). This year's event will be entirely virtual, making it even easier to attend! You can register for Connexion here.

Who can attend?

Connexion is free to attend and open to all Social Health Network members and contracted Health Leaders. If you aren’t a Social Health Network member, you can create an account here.

How do I register?

Note: You must have a Social Health Network account to access the registration link. If you’re not a member, create an account.

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On the day of, sign in with your existing Zoom account information or sign in with Apple, Gmail, or Facebook. Click the link provided in your confirmation email. Please note that you must use the link in your confirmation email to join the conference.

What sessions will be featured at the event?

Two specialized skill presentations will be offered at this year’s conference. These sessions will be presented by a combination of Health Leaders, past Social Health Award winners, and Health Union leaders in social health. The purpose of these sessions is to meet people where they are on their HL journey as well as:

  • Share information and experiences
  • Engage and interact with one another
  • Gain new skills

Each 1-hour presentation will have breakout sessions that cater to newer HLs (Beginner Track) and more experienced HLs (Experienced Track). After a short session intro, each attendee will self-select which track they wish to attend and they’ll join their corresponding breakout room.

Don’t worry: Attendees will have access to all session recordings following Connexion. That way, you can still access the teachings and learnings from both the Beginner Track and the Experienced Track. Be on the lookout for a post-event recap email.

Here’s a little bit about each session:

Leveraging Social Media as a Health Leader

The first session of the day will be about using social media as a Health Leader to engage with your audience and grow your online presence.

For those on the Beginner Track, you will discuss getting started on social media, tips to reach an engaged audience, scheduling posts, and building a social media channel with an authentic presence.

For those on the Experienced Track, you will discuss landing a social media campaign, collaborating with organizations, tips on developing your brand, and ways to grow your following.

A Look at the Advocacy Career Landscape and Making Advocacy a Career

During the second session, we will examine the importance of knowing, telling, and tailoring your story while determining your unique opportunity for growth in this area. We will also look at how to translate your skills and passion into a career and learn from others who have done this.

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Connexion 2024 Social Health Awards Ceremony

At the end of the day, please join us in announcing this year’s Connexion Award Winners! The Social Health Awards recognize patient and caregiver community leaders who exemplify excellence and dedication in online health advocacy.

You can nominate other Health Leaders who are making an impact in their communities here. The dates to nominate are April 15 to May 3.

Note: In order to nominate or vote, you will need to create a new award-specific account (even if you have participated in previous years). This award platform is not your SocialHealthNetwork.com login. If you have questions about this, email contact@socialhealthnetwork.com.

Check out more details on the 2024 Social Health Awards Ceremony.

Have questions?

If you have questions about this year’s Connexion event, please email our team at contact@socialhealthnetwork.com.

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