Social Health Awards

Everything You Need to Know About the Social Health Awards

The Social Health Awards were created to embody the mission of the Social Health Network: to empower Patient Leaders.

Previously known as the WEGO Health Awards, this program has proven to be one of the best ways to honor, recognize, and celebrate the work of Health Leaders for more than a decade.

The goal and intention of the Social Health Awards is to empower and celebrate those leading the online health community – because the work of Health Leaders is something to celebrate!

What's new this year?

There are a couple of changes from last year that we want everyone to be aware of:

How to nominate a Health Leader

We’d love to have you nominate all the great Health Leaders you know – the ones who are working tirelessly on their social channels, speaking engagements, consulting gigs, and other platforms. Everyone is welcome to nominate someone and help us ensure we recognize all the great leaders out there.

*Please note: In order to nominate or vote, you will need to create a new award-specific account (even if you have participated in previous years). This award platform is not your login. If you have questions about this, email

I've been nominated, now what?

If you have been nominated, please be sure to check your email, as you will receive a notification asking you to accept your nomination! If you have questions about this, email

Social Health Awards process

Click the links below to get all the details on how the Social Health Awards process works:

How do the Social Health Awards work?

Help judge the 2024 Awards

Nominate and vote for the 2024 Social Health Awards

Social Health Awards categories

An infographic explaining the Social Health Awards nomination, voting, judging, and celebration timeline.

Start a Forum

Learn more about past award recipients

We’ve been lucky to have some fantastic winners over the last few years:

2023 Social Health Award winners
2022 Social Health Award winners

Meet previous finalists

So many amazing candidates were nominated last year. We encourage you to take a look back and see all the amazing work they are doing in the healthcare space. Check out the 2023 Social Health Awards finalists.

Have questions?

If you have questions about this year’s Social Health Awards, please email our team at

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