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Living my life with fibromyalgia and brain fog…

Chronic fatigue and chronic pain is a constant companion of mine but rarely do I complain. I’m simply used to it. However, it’s my brain today that is more out of whack than what is typical for me.

Sometimes, when I talk, it’s like a word salad. I’m stumbling over my words, having difficulty recalling info, saying words out of order in sentences, typing words backwards, dropping words from sentences, or completely using the wrong words.

While all the symptoms of fibromyalgia are debilitating, I find brain fog to be the most frustrating. For those who do not contend with or understand brain fog, the best way I can explain it is like this:

What is brain fog like?

When you have brain fog, it is like you are observing, listening, interpreting and responding to the world around you through an opaque film. While at times we can make out images, read information, or hear something said to us, we cannot always see, read or hear all the specific details. Further, we often contend with memory recall issues, forgetting names, specific events, and pertinent information.

While “normal” people are given the full manuscript for their brain, on how to interpret and respond to the world around them, people who suffer from brain fog are only given the cliff notes version. Yet, we are expected to interpret and respond, as if we have the full manuscript.

It is no easy feat contending with the brain fog. Then add in all of the other symptoms of fibromyalgia, and it is a dog gone miracle that people with fibromyalgia can function at all.

To my fellow fibromyalgia & chronic illness spoonies

I see you... I feel You... I know your battles... I know the mountains you carry and the barriers you push through every day. You are nothing short of a hero! So stay strong my friends! You not only inspire me, you are inspiring someone, somewhere through your ongoing determination and grit!

Peace, Love & Light,
Kristal at The Fibromyalgia Pain Chronicles and Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia

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