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Have you ever considered getting or do you have a service, working, therapy, or emotional support animal to help with your medical condition?

Share a picture of your furry-loved companion (does not have to be for your medical condition)! We'd love to see them!

If you have a service, working, therapy, or emotional support animal, what was your experience getting him/her?

Ask a question(s) to our members if you are thinking about exploring getting one.

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  1. This is Venom, he's 9 or so months we got him to be my boyfriends emotional support dog. My boyfriend is in end stage liver failure, the two of them nap together and fight over food & snacks while I'm at work.Venom

    1. , oh good golly Miss Molly! Those eyes have absolutely slain me! What a little charmer! And I bet he's a great nap partner! Thank you for sharing this beautiful by with us. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

  2. Not really much support, more like when he needs attention he will crawl on me and expect extra attention.Mr. Lemmy Killmicer

    1. , I speak fluent cat - he says you know you need it as much as he does! LOL 😀 He's very handsome! - Warmly, Donna (team member)

  3. Fergie (the smallest in a malshi) and Kalie is a Whoodle (Westin terrier poodle mix). Fergie will be 17 yrs old this yr & my constant companion. Neither is a certified pet, but they are all that I need to keep me calm (other than when going nuts from squirrels or mailman)! Fergie is a lot like me the older she’s getting w/ her health issues & needing pain meds etc….they are both dependent on each other as well since Fergie can’t hear well & takes her Q’s from Kalie jumping on/off the bed! I’m so happy I’ve been given all these years of Fergies cuddles, licks & affection!Two small dogs sitting on an open TPN backpack with small infusion pumps.

    1. , that is a most adorable support system! Thank you for sharing them with us! - Warmly, Donna (team member)

  4. First I had Daffodil for 19 years, my BFF called her “Nurse Kitty” because she would follow me around & when she thought I had done enough she would yell at me until I sat down then she would sit ON me to make sure I didn’t get up! LOL she was a giant Tortie that some neighbors thought was a small dog following me around the yard when I worked in my garden! She passed in 2018. Now I have KayLee, my lap snuggle. Her special job that she chose is telling me when it’s bedtime! Bossy Kitties! LOL She is impatient & will follow me around the house talking to me until I get in my reclinee! When I say “Okay KayLee” she jumps uo in my lap & starts purring! KayLee is a Calico with Tabby stripes & the M on her forehead. Our vet said she’d never seen another one like her!This was Daffodil

    1. , She is beautiful! We have a nurse kitty, too! Her name is Grace and she is a grey tabby. They are incredibly sensitive and empathetic <3 - Warmly, Donna (team member)

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