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Have you ever considered getting or do you have a service, working, therapy, or emotional support animal to help with your medical condition?

Share a picture of your furry-loved companion (does not have to be for your medical condition)! We'd love to see them!

If you have a service, working, therapy, or emotional support animal, what was your experience getting him/her?

Ask a question(s) to our members if you are thinking about exploring getting one.

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  1. This is Deja Blue, Service Dog (cardiac alerts, PTSD, non traditional mobility). I've been an international service dog advocate and owner trainer for well over a decade. I recently lost my SD Tao Blue after an 11year partnership on 5/24/24. My very first SD passed in 2012.

    Every one of them has literally saved my life at different points, from restarting breathing to a heart attack alert/response, etc.

    I can only ascribe to being the person my dogs think I am !

    Kyrie-Inn Blue
    Deja Blue Service Dog

    1. , what a beauty! And from the pose, and the long associations and loyal service, I would say chances are good to great that you are who they think you are ❤️- Warmly, Donna (Team Member)

  2. Lady (right) has recently undergone eye surgery. She's currently stuck in a cone and very grumpy. I, however, am just thrilled she came through it and is healing well! She is old and has a heart murmur, so I didn't want her under GA, but I didn't have much choice.
    I can say with complete honesty, even after going through multiple surgeries myself, I'd rather it was me than her!

    1. , both of your companions are beautiful! Lady looks very calm, and the one on the left looks just a tad sassy! I completely understand the sentiment - they are like our babies and we don't want them to struggle with anything. I hope everything goes well with her recovery. - Warmly, Donna (Social Health Network Team Member)

  3. Love how my GodDog makes me feel - when he jumps up and breathes near me it is so soothing.My GodDog Winston.

    1. , he is ADORABLE! He looks like he has Zen vibes to spare! Thank you for sharing him with us. - Warmly, Donna (Social Health Network Team Member)

  4. My baby boy tired from a morning of brain games and training. Don't let this fool you. He's a handful.Twolf

    1. , he's a beauty! You just want to give those paws a gentle squeeze! - Warmly, Donna (team member)

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