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I was raised by a Nurse in the medical model and went on to become a nurse myself. I believed that when we are sick, we need a doctor and medication to get well. However, my turning point was at the age of forty-one, when a nurse colleague challenged me about the role of medicines versus the ability of our own bodies to naturally heal.

I was shocked at being challenged, but started to do some research to try and understand what they were talking about. I discovered that if we support our bodies to function optimally, we can heal much more efficiently.

I made better food choices and started to change my lifestyle, getting out more in the fresh air. As I did, I started to heal the psoriasis, acid reflux and eczema that I had suffered with for years. I was seeing direct results from the small changes I was making in my life. I continued researching and found there was so much more to healing than I first thought.

Mentally conflicted

I started becoming conflicted in my role as a nurse because I was healing myself without medication at home yet in the hospital, I was telling patients to take medications.

Just before I was fifty, I spiralled into a deep depression with suicidal thoughts. Around the same time, my thyroid became underactive and I burnt out my adrenal glands, from all the stress I had been under. My doctor wanted to put me on medications, but I didn’t want them. I believed I could heal myself further, but I had no idea what I was going to do.

Darkness began to fade

As dark as my world seemed, twice a day, every day, I had to go outside and walk our two dogs. Looking back, I believe this was a part of my healing journey. One day on their walk, I remember realising there were leaves growing on the trees and I could hear birds singing. My dark days were becoming a little lighter.

I then started looking for things to be thankful for, a tiny bit of blue sky in the clouds, flowers in the grass, children playing and laughing in the street. Without knowing it, I was being mindful and practicing gratitude.

As I was starting to feel a little lighter, I started meditating. Initially only for five minutes a day, meditating on finding peace within myself. As time went on, I started doing longer meditations, about leaving my job and becoming an award winning entrepreneur.

A new business emerged

Within a few months, I left my job in the hospital and set up my first business doing many different things, still as a nurse. I entered competitions and won a local and national award for my work. Although I loved my work, I was still a nurse. This started playing heavily on my mind as I had to upkeep the standards of the medical model, which I was so conflicted about since starting my healing journey.

I healed the depression, my thyroid and eventually my adrenal glands, myself without any medications. I decided that I could no longer remain registered as a nurse so I trained to be a coach, to help other people to heal themselves too, set up a new business and removed my name from the nursing register. It was during my coach training that I realised a huge part of healing our mind and body involves healing our past.

Healing is possible

I started writing about my own natural healing, to help others to see it is possible. I then decided to expand and cover many people’s healing, from a range of conditions. My book Heal Yourself was born. It is my own and seventy-four other’s healing journeys, some from conditions doctors diagnosed as lifelong and life-threatening and said cannot be healed. Heal Yourself is now translated into four languages currently, to help more people across the world.

I went on to start a podcast too, called Heal Yourself with Sarah Dawkins, to continue sharing the message that our bodies heal when we support them. This was (and still is to some extent) very challenging for me as I had camera anxiety. Still, the message is important, so it had to be done.

My message to you is that we can heal ourselves, our bodies heal. Myself and all the people in my book and on my podcast are testament to it. We all share what we did to heal ourselves, so that others can try what worked for us.

My advice to you is to believe in your innate ability to heal. Your body knows what to do and does it better when you support it.

I wish you health and happiness.

Much love
Sarah Dawkins

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