A Journey to Self

My journey started at the age of 14. I was competing competitively for cheerleading and assumed the activities associated were the cause of my swollen feet, drastic weight loss, and joint stiffness. Little did I know, it would be the start of a new destiny.

Started a non-profit

After being diagnosed with lupus, I was determined to show the world I was more than my circumstance. I graduated from USC - Go Cocks!!!! I earned my masters from Southern Wesleyan. But more importantly, I started a nonprofit. Through my nonprofit, I bridge the gap of access and availability. From support groups to giving patients resources to support their journey, I am committed to ensuring that lupus patients live their best lives. Is it hard at times? OF COURSE! I am fighting every day just like any other lupus warrior. But I made a commitment to myself to Run Lupus… Not Let it Run Me!

I was assigned to this journey because it was aligned in my purpose. My Joy

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