What Is the Social Health Network?

As one of Health Union's 40+ communities, the Social Health Network welcomes patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals from all condition areas with the goal of bringing empathy, support, and humanity to healthcare through the power of social health.

We do this by empowering and supporting our network members who are participating in social health. By social health, we mean the real-time actions people take to find meaningful connections and share information that affects their health journey.

With free online resources, panels, networking events, and paid opportunities, the Social Health Network amplifies the voices of Health Leaders across all condition areas.

Putting the power of social health into practice

Join the world's largest network of Health Leaders and get paid for your insights and expertise.

Add your voice to our network

You have the story. You have the passion. Don't recreate the wheel when it comes to impacting the lives of others. Amplify your impact and become part of the Social Health Network.

Gain access to paid opportunities

You're not just a patient, you're the partner healthcare needs. Gain access to paid opportunities collaborating with healthcare companies who are eager to learn from your expertise.

Connect with others

Discover, connect, and collaborate with thousands of fellow leaders who have similar passions and interests. Jump into discussion boards or browse our directory to start networking.

Boost your Patient Leader skills

Our signature Patient Leader Certification Program is your all-in-one resource to help you learn, grow, and make an impact.

Be recognized for your impact

The Social Health Awards program was created to recognize and honor those making a difference in the online health community. It is the only awards program to celebrate Patient Leaders across all condition areas and platforms.

Social Health Network member benefits

All of the benefits of the Social Health Network are centered around optimizing the power of social health. Social health is the dynamic, real-time actions people take to find meaningful connections and share information that impacts health journeys. It’s connecting with others, learning ways to communicate your story, and making an impact in healthcare.

The Social Health Network provides benefits like:

  • SHN courses and resources empower Health Leaders to be social health experts and ambassadors
  • SHN connection events offer real-time connection and validation, and inspire collaboration among Health Leaders
  • SHN opportunities provide Health Leaders the chance to share their expertise and partner with healthcare companies


Social Health Network resources are designed to help increase Health Leaders' knowledge and provide content and information to enhance advocacy skills. Offerings include:

  • Online courses
  • Webinars and Health Leader discussions
  • Monthly advocacy resources
  • Weekly Health Leader newsletter


The Social Health Network's closed Facebook group, educational webinars and trainings, and networking events allow Health Leaders to connect and foster relationships with one another. Offerings include:

  • Virtual networking events
  • Health Leader panels
  • Training calls and webinars
  • Private Facebook group


Social Health Network opportunities and partnerships give Health Leaders the chance to share their stories and receive payment or rewards for their participation. Offerings include:

  • Insight surveys
  • Social media campaigns
  • Speaking engagements
  • Article features
  • Ability to earn points and redeem them for rewards on the platform

How do I become part of the Social Health Network?

Complete your health leader profile

Completing your health leader profile is the easiest way to start connecting with the network. Whether you have worked on a new project, created a new campaign, or received a new recognition, this is the perfect place to highlight your achievements.

Look out for us in your inbox

Each week, we send out a newsletter with all the latest opportunities, events, and community updates. And if there is a specific opportunity that we think you may be a good fit for, we will reach out to you directly. That is why updating your profile is so important!