Connexion Health Leader Conference

Social Health Connexion, often referred to as Connexion, is Health Union’s annual conference for Health Leaders. Connexion provides education, resources, and connections to help support and impact Health Leaders so they can learn and grow. During Connexion, we also announce and honor the winners of the Social Health Awards, where Health Union recognizes and celebrates the important work of Health Leaders.

Connexion is open to Health Leaders who are members of the Social Health Network. Not a member? Create an account now.

What is social health?

Social health is the dynamic, real-time actions people take to find meaningful connections and share information that impacts health journeys. It’s connecting with others, learning ways to communicate your story, and making an impact in healthcare.

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Connexion history

Before 2020, Connexion was held in person in Philadelphia for our contracted Health Leaders. Since that time, the Connexion conference has been virtual. Whatever the format has been, Connexion continues to prioritize fostering connections, education, and growth each year.

In the past, we've had the pleasure of having speakers Nora McInerny, Tyler Campbell, Rebekah Taussig, and more. Our dynamic speakers have discussed important topics like:

  • Medical gaslighting
  • Managing patient burnout
  • Using social media as a Health Leader
  • Tapping into your self-worth

Connexion 2024

This year marked the Social Health Network's 8th annual Connexion conference, which was held on June 26. We kicked off with a warm welcome from Health Union's Leadership Team.

During the conference, registrants had the opportunity to:

  • Learn about health leadership, new techniques, and tools for online advocacy
  • Plan advocacy goals
  • Share experiences and engage with Health Leaders across nearly 50 condition communities and the Social Health Network

But that’s not all. We also held two learning sessions with special breakout opportunities for both newer and more seasoned Health Leaders. During the sessions, attendees discussed topics like leveraging social media, making a career in advocacy, and the one-of-a-kind Patient Leader Certification Program.

We wrapped up Connexion with the 2024 Social Health Awards ceremony, where we honored, recognized, and celebrated the work of Health Leaders across all condition areas and platforms.