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How do I get more involved with conferences and speaking?

How do I get more involved with conferences and speaking I spoke at the Crohn’s and colitis foundation fall symposium and part of there task force and a member of the clinical trial group but I want to learn more task force member spoke at cccongress fall symposium

  1. To stand out in speaking engagements, consider your unique value proposition. Reflect on what sets you apart from other speakers and what fresh perspectives or insights you can offer to the audience.

    Always keep the attendees top of mind. Focus on engaging them effectively and delivering content that resonates with their interests and needs.

    Exploring more opportunities to speak at cancer organizations can be highly beneficial. Not only does it provide valuable experience, but it also enhances your credibility within the community you serve.

    I trust these suggestions will be of assistance.

    1. Networking is your friend. Networking helps you connect with other people within your disease space and other disease spaces. Whether it’s on social media or in person, I try to communicate or talk to as many people as possible. There have been many times through networking I was asked to speak on a topic or be interviewed. LinkedIn can also be a good tool to find opportunities to speak. I’ve also seen paid speaking opportunities at savvy cooperative and even through Social Health network

      1. that is awesome you want to get more involved. I would say start with the Patient leader certification
        It’s a great way to start to move more into more speaking engagements. ~Racquel~ social health network team member

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