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I need a job, is anyone hiring?

  1. Many Job Openig Was Seen in the past but not know

    1. I'm finding that the few jobs that are open there are many many people that are qualified applying for them. It's a tough time to be unemployed right now.

    2. , you're not kidding! It's a good idea to have someone - can you can search on say Upwork or Fiverr for someone to spoof up your resume to optimize it for online jobs, you do have to make it kind of stand out right away. But don't be discouraged, there are lots of people applying for jobs they aren't qualified for, hoping to upscale. - Warmly, Donna (Team Member)

  2. , have you checked any of the job boards on the net? There are a few for people with disabilities (if you need accommodations) and many for remote work. - Warmly, Donna (Team member)

    1. , you can try Flexjobs - they are a subscription, but it's not very much. FreedomCare has jobs for disabled persons, as does And then Rat Race Rebellion always has new jobs daily. I hope that helps! - Warmly, Donna (Team Member)

    2. Thank you!

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