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Within your advocacy, what term(s) resonate with you most?

How do you typically refer to your community leadership, and/or what terms resonate with you most?

Health Advoacay?
Patient Advocate?
Patient/Caregiver Health Leadership?
Patient/Caregiver Activist?

  1. I have been an advocate for people in pain trying to understand what pain is, how to treat it and how to identify Palpation Acupressure Lymphatic Massage (PALM) as cost effective treatments using Sensor and Software.Palpation Acupressure Lymphatic Massage

    1. interesting concept. ~Racquel Social Health Network Team Member ~

  2. My work is in online support of the community, and I refer to myself as a Team Member.

    1. Because of my relationship with legislators and professionals in healthcare, I will say "I am an NCD health here to discuss (name the chronic condition and/or issue). I have been living with type 2 diabetes since 1996...". This allows me to position what I am there for, and let it be known, life has been a challenge for about half of my life. It has worked.

      1. What does NCD mean if you don't mind me asking. ~Racquel Social Health Network Team Member

      2. , NCD is a Non-Communicable Disease, which in more Stateside terms is a chronic disease, illness, or condition. I am involved with global diabetes advocacy, and the International Diabetes Federation, World Health Organization, and others use NCD primarily.

    2. I typically refer to my community leadership as sharing my health journey. I don't mind the term health advocate or health advocacy but I see what I do as more than just advocating.

      1. That makes sense. ~Racquel Social Health Network Team Member ~

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