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Have you experienced imposter syndrome?

Do you become overwhelmed in speaking heavily on a subject and then wonder how effective you are in sharing, and whether you are qualified to advocate at all on the subject?

  1. Most definitely. Imposter syndrome is a big struggle for me. Glad to see I'm not alone.

    1. Oh hell yeah, I feel like an impostor! I've had MS for 45 years, but I haven't racked up any discernible disease activity since 2008. Most people go through daily debilitating hell with this disease, and aside from my old symptoms, you really couldn't tell I have any problems. But comparison is the thief of joy, so I imagine there are a lot of us who could be a lot more joyful if we'd stop comparing ourselves to others with the same diseases we have. Thanks for asking the question.

      1. Slightly yes... But when I just think about sharing my "OWN" personal experience and journey, not so much... Because no one can tell me what my experience is, meaning there is no wrong or right. It then turns from feeling unqualified to thinking that the knowledge and experience may be unwanted, uninvited, unwelcomed, ppl may not interested and I would not want to be seen as pitiful or a person to feel sorry for. Diagnosed over 25 yrs ago. I am currently trying to move through the Patient Advocacy Certification. I want to share, but don't know where to begin.

        1. , start with a thought. Start with an answer to someone's question. Just share your thoughts or experiences, and know that they are important and don't have to have the answers. But understand that the likelihood is great that they will help someone feel less alone. Sending (((hugs))), Donna (team member)

        2. Thank you sooo much. 🥰 I appreciate that.🤗💞

      2. My recovery from being in a nursing home for two years bedridden aphasic hallucinating then on hospice dying due to dementia as it being commonly thought impossible would make me have imposter syndrome except I have official documentation. At 86 I also have age syndrome against me but it won't stop me from writing my memoir now up to 300 pages.

        1. Awesome, keep at it. They'll be many with a need to read your story with similar bouts. Wishing you the very best!

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