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Patient Leader Certification

Have you taken our Patient Leader Certification program? If so, share with us...

What did you enjoy most about the program?

Would you encourage others to complete the certification?

Anything else you'd like to share about it?

  1. I completed the modules a few months ago but life got in between for me to finish the final simple steps. I did today. Yeh! It was nice to have this time to reflect on my experience. The P L C is really well done. It helped me see what I would like to do in my next steps as a patient advocate. Thank you!

    1. What an accomplishment! Bravo! I am so thrilled to hear that this program laid the foundation for your potential pathway in patient advocacy! Thank you for taking a moment to share this with our community!!

  2. I completed the patient certification program a couple of months ago. Loved everything about it! I have been wanting to get in the business of inspirational speaking, and using my experience to build a new career and this program reinforced and helped guide me in getting into that. The content about social media usage and leverage as well as who and how to reach out to the contacts that I want to engage with helps tremendously!

    1. I'm going through it right now and really like it! I'm on the personal branding section. The only issue is that I can't access the forum where we are supposed to share an example of our content.

      1. , I notified our help desk wizard and asked her to look into this for you. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

      2. Hi Rebecca! I sent you an email. 😀 I'm Donna's wizard, lol. Please check it out at your earliest convenience. Warmly, Chelley

    2. Due to a surgery, I just attempted to start this program yesterday. It was SO EASY...
      I *wish* I'd checked it out and started when it first opened up!

      1. That is awesome ! I just actually sent you an email on the quick final steps you'll need to take in order to officially complete it! You are in the home stretch! Great work! Sure hope your recovery from your surgery went/has been going well! Warmly, Joanna

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