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Is Advocacy Your Side Gig or Career?

I have found such a great way to make a little change from speaking and writing about my health condition. At first, I felt bad making money off of my story, but I realized my story is worth being told, and I am worth being paid to tell it.

If you are making money from your advocacy, How many of you felt weird at first but now are ready, willing, and able to make money for your advocacy?

  1. No

    1. My definition of patient advocacy is that ii engage with patients in the Health Union forums and Health Union pays me to provide that support. That is the way I make money through patient advocacy.

      1. I don't know if I felt weird about it; it was more of a surprise they wanted my story that bad to pay me. In time I learned the huge spectrum that our voices have and the collaborators that wish to pay to educate further.

        1. , you can only learn so much from a textbook. The power of a voice with personal experience is vital and irreplaceable. Multiple voices show the range of experience and that things are not as cold and dispassionate as those books present. So glad you are lending your voice to the spectrum! - Warmly, Donna (Team Member)

      2. I believe patient leaders who share their story deserve to be paid. I was a ghostwriter for many years. Organizations paid me to tell other people's stories. My writing services are just as valuable, and perhaps even more valuable, now that I am writing and speaking about my own story. The authenticity and passion of advocates shine through when we share our own personal story.

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