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What have you found helpful in getting started sharing your health advocacy journey?

If you are an experienced health leader and advocate, what advice or tips can you give to someone looking to get started in health advocacy?

  1. Hello , When I first started on this journey. I didn't have a clue what advocacy was. I had my very first meeting in a library in Washington DC. 3 people showed up, at the next meeting 10. In a year I had 150 people attending. It was not easy getting to this point. Back in the day, social media wasn't such a big thing. You had to write letters; I would visit hospitals, doctor's offices, and businesses. I contacted different organizations that started helping me with speakers, programs, food, and drinks. It was a hard journey, but worth every step. My advice is to never give up and let your voice be heard. Diane (Team Member)

    1. You have done an incredible job in your advocacy work and have made such a name for yourself in the psoriasis awareness space! The community is SO fortunate to have you! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Start off in your local area and get hands on experience.

    1. great simple & important advice! Thanks for chiming in!!

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