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Minding Your Mental Health as a Content Creator

During our live event on March 21st, we discussed caring for your mental well-being in the digital age, specifically for patient advocates and caregivers.

Panelists Ilana Jacqueline and Jessica Lipkin shared practical strategies and invaluable insights about setting boundaries with social media, managing online negativity, overcoming imposter syndrome, and stolen content.

Engage with our panelists here! We invite you to share your thoughts, insights, and burning questions here in this forum about these topics.

Have you been able to set boundaries with social media?
What tips do you have for managing online negativity?
Have you or do you battle with imposter syndrome?
How about stolen content? Has that ever happened to you?

Let's keep the conversation going!

  1. This was a great short but concise webinar.
    I set boundaries for myself but I don’t beat myself up of I don’t adhere to them.

    Inline negativity can get to me, but I’ve learned to just take it all at face value. Everyone is going through something and I know a negative vibe comes from where they are in their journey. It only my responsibility to respond in a way that diffuses it.

    I no longer see myself as an imposter. I have gotten confident to a point where that doesn’t come to my mind as much as it used to.

    Yes whole pages have been duplicated and my content has been stolen. It’s pretty frustrating 🥴 ~Racquel~ social network team member

    1. Can’t wait! ~Racquel~ Social Network Moderator

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