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How do you manage your professional life while dealing with a chronic condition?

How have you managed your professional life while dealing with a chronic illness or being a caregiver of someone with a chronic illness?

  1. My #1 tip for balancing different aspects of my life, including professional aspects, is having a very strict schedule. It does not mean that I can not be flexible at times, however, one thing I never negate to do is have an hour scheduled each day for rest, self care, or something fun like tapping into my creative side with art or writing, or taking my dogs on what I say to them "an adventure." Sometimes, those adventures are simply taking a car ride to starbucks, treating myself to a fancy coffee, and treating my dogs to pup cups. While it's often difficult to balance personal, professional and medical life, for myself, that one hour a day is very crucial for my emotional well being and recharging of my body's energy battery.

    1. Great tips thanks for that. ~Racquel ~ Social Health Network Moderator

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