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If you could tell your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Whether it be related to your advocacy, health, relationships, personal matters, etc, we all know that hindsight is 20/20, so what is the one piece of advice that you would share with your younger self?

  1. Save some money for when you need it later for your meds and you can't work

    1. That's a very good suggestion. Thank you for sharing it. Cindy (Team Member)

  2. Dear Daniel,
    I came back from the future to tell you something. Now that you are 16 and learning more about the World, I want you to take more chances. Go to that acting school, stick to football, and you are good enough for the Army.
    Trust your gut and ignore the negative voices in your head.
    You will be amazing either way, but don't hold back from following your dreams!First Semester High School 1986

    1. , I am an actor; I've been working since 2008. The voices never go away, but what they say has changed as I age. SAG Member

    2. , amazing! I'm so happy to hear you pursued your dream and succeeded! I have some new voices, that try to be more assertive, but those old voices are still there. I hope yours have grown encouraging and supportive. - Warmly, Donna (Team Member)

  3. I would tell myself that although many challenges will come my way that I will always find a way to create some purpose from my experiences. Take note of the challenges so that I can be more aware of the challenges, others face and know that I must share my story with others as my experiences/stories are really they are here to help others along their journey.

    1. I love that. Such great advice! ~Racquel~ Team Member

  4. I would tell myself to quit smoking now!!!

    1. solid advice for sure ~Racquel~ Team Member

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